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var domain = "marcstan.net";
var firstName = domain.Substring(0, 4);
var email = $"{firstName}@{domain}";


I don't have any social media.

My opensource code is on github and automatically mirrored to gitlab and Azure DevOps, the later also hosts builds where needed.

About me

I'm a consultant focused on modern app development in Azure and the .Net ecosystem in general.

My experience is centered around Azure and .Net.

Early on I used to focus on desktop applications (esp. hardware controlling software) as well as games and mobile apps but have shifted to web applications and cross platform tools in the recent years.

I also know and use various other languages:

Powershell (Azure DevOps automation) and python (data processing), TypeScript (with modern web development there is no way around JavaScript and TypeScript makes it a lot more usable).

At some point I have also used F#, Java, Scala, C, C++, Ruby as well as Assembler albeit my knowledge of these languages is slowly fading away as I don't use them much anymore (if at all).

I wrote some stuff that is (or was) useful to me and put it on github. Project related issue reports and pull requests are always welcome. I try to provide fast support especially if the requested changes or bufixes are not too complicated. :)

Work experience

Personal website disclaimer

This is my personal website, as such the disclaimer applies to all content I publish here, unless explicitly noted otherwise.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed herein are my own personal opinions and do not represent my employer’s view in any way.