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Privacy policy (Share emergency contacts)

This policy describes which data is uploaded and how it is handled.

It applies to: Share emergency contacts (Android, iOS and Windows 10 Mobile)

Your personal app data includes all input fields such as (but not limited to):

All such personal data (including the profile names) is kept local to your phone. No such data is ever uploaded to any server.

Your personal data may be exchanged with other phones by QR code (as is the primary purpose of this app).

In such a case your phone will generate the QR code (containing all your information) locally and display it. The receiving phone will then scan the QR code displayed on your phone.

All your data is stored inside the QR code and extracted locally on the receiving phone. At no time is data from the QR code uploaded to any server.

Update check

The app will contact the server on each startup to check for a new update. This check is performed in an encrypted form and is not logged on the server.

This is needed because the app is not currently tied to google/micrsoft/apple stores (which normally perform the update checks).

If a new update is found the user is prompted to install. The user is able to deny update on each app start.


The beta version contained analytics tracking to allow me to see both (anonymized) feature usage statistics and crash dumps.

All analytics tracking has been removed with the official 1.0.0 release.