.Net and Azure

Migrated to Github pages


Two years ago I setup my blog via Azure CDN.

Recently I decided to retest Github Pages since it offers pretty much the same features I used with the CDN while not costing anything (Azure CDN costs are somewhere around 0.5-1$/month if you factor in CDN + storage + DNS).

As expected the migration and setup was painless. I simply set up all the required resources as documented, turned on HTTPS support in the repository settings and redirected my DNS to point to the github IPs.

While I previously used my own Let’s Encrypt automation to update the certificate automatically this is now handled by github (which internally also uses Let’s Encrypt) so I only have to push the content to the marcstan.github.io repository and it gets served automatically.

As luck would have it I managed to migrate my site just in time to be impacted by the recent fastly outage. There’s certainly a lesson about depending on third parties here (especially as centralization continues to increase) but then again my website is nowhere near critical enough to warrant the extra worry about uptime especially when half the internet is down at the same time.

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