.Net, Azure and occasionally gamedev


List of projects that I'm (semi) actively working on right now.

Some of my blog posts are related to them.

HomeApp (home automation)

A IoT solution written in .Net Core/.Net Standard using .Net Core on the raspberry pi to act as a server/hub inside the home network and relays all the data to a .Net Core Api/razor pages website hosted in Azure.

I'm building this both as a learning exercise (lots of moving parts, many interesting topics: arduino devices, .Net Core on linux, SignalR on .Net Core, ...) and because I don't like my data uploaded to third-party providers.

My focus is on functionality, security and extensibility in that order.

It also has a Xamarin Forms based cross-platform app (UWP and Android).

Essentially a rewrite from the original solution which I wrote in full .Net Framework over a year ago. The rewrite uses the latest technologies available (.Net Core 2.2, SignalR on .Net Core, .Net Core global tools, [eventually] Azure Sphere, ...).

MonoGame WpfInterop

Small framework to host MonoGame inside WPF. I originally built this for XNA using some of the older sample code and kept refining it with each level editor that I built for each new game.

Opensource on github and recently updated to work with MonoGame 3.7

Finished stuff

I have published some apps and some more opensource stuff on github.