.Net, Azure and occasionally gamedev


List of projects I am working on (note-worthy finished stuff below).

HomeApp (home automation) [WIP]

An IoT solution custom-written for my usecase (remote monitoring, automation, actor/sensor framework, ..).

It uses .Net Core on a raspberry, azure web apps, azure functions and a Xamarin app to tie it all together.

At this point it has become a platform for me to try new interesting azure features (Azure Sphere, IoT Central, ..).

Finished stuff

LetsEncrypt.Azure (Azure function)

In order to host my website in blob storage I needed a way to automate Let's Encrypt certificates for Azure CDN. Since existing solutions only support webapps I decided to write my own solution which ended up as an Azure function that can automatically renew Let's Encrypt certificates for Azure CDN and App Service.

My blog post about combining Azure CDN, Azure Storage and Azure DNS may also interest you if you intend to setup a similar website.

EmailRelay (Azure function)

By migrating to blob storage based website hosting I accidentally broke my domain MX record and instead of fixing it (like a normal person) I decided to throw together a PoC wether a free Sendgrid account could replace my current (non-free) email service. The answer is yes and this is the result.

This azure function is able to receive and send emails in the name of my domain name by using a free sendgrid account as the relay.

MonoGame.Framework.WpfInterop (Windows only)

Host MonoGame inside WPF.

While not perfect, it allows you to build an editor around your MonoGame game without having to re-implement the existing WPF controls.

Github repository

Share Emergency Contacts (Android, Windows 10 Mobile)

A cross-platform app to share contact and emergency contact details via QR codes.

You can determine what is shared with whom by creating different profiles and even determine the share duration for each (data is deleted from receiving phones after configured share duration).

No internet connection required. All sharing happens via a QR code that you show to someone else (receiver needs a camera to capture the QR code).

Download and more details here.

Voice 2 Mail (Windowsphone 8.1, Windows 10 Mobile)

Originally developed for Windowsphone 8.1 it also supports Windows 10 Mobile.

Instead of typing notes into your phone allows you to record your voice and send an email to yourself/someone else with your voice note attached.

App can auto record on launch and configure profiles to send to (myself, work colleages, wife, etc.).

Recording is as easy as: launching app, talking and hitting send!

Download and more details here.